The aim of the APS is to place greater emphasis on pediatric metabolic medicine (PMM) in the various medical training regulations.

This applies to a scientifically based training of physicians within the framework of the (German) licensing regulations (AO) for physicians. Pediatric metabolic medicine is not yet represented in the (German) continuing education regulations for physicians. In the past, the APS has made repeated attempts to include an additional training course in pediatric metabolic medicine in the German model training regulations. This has not been successful so far because the German Medical Association has not agreed to it.

In parallel, the APS supports a certification process at European level by the Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism (SSIEM) and the European Academy of Pediatrics (EAP). For the SSIEM there is an Educational and Training Advisory Committee (ETAC), which has developed criteria for training centers for pediatric metabolic medicine and a training catalog for both clinical and laboratory training in this field.

Educational und Training Advisory Committee (ETAC)

Criteria for training centers (SSIEM - EAP)

SSIEM Training Syllabus

The following training centers for pediatric metabolic medicine are certified according to these criteria:

Univ.-Kinderklinik Heidelberg

Univ.-Kinderkliniken Innsbruck and Salzburg

Univ.-Kinderspital Zurich

Univ.-Kinderklinik Hamburg-Eppendorf

Univ.-Kinderklinik Freiburg und Kinderklinik Reutlingen

The APS is striving for further training centers to be recognized at European level and recommends interested centers to contact the APS board.

Questionnaire for interested PMM centers

SSIEM: Education and Training Advisory Committee (ETAC)

SSIEM: Education and training Committee: Recognition of training of center for Paediatric Metabolic Medicine

SSIEM: Syllabus for training in clinical Paediatric metabolic medicine